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Rob Crouch and Phil Graham formed Brute Farce Theatre company in the summer of 1996 and subsequent productions have spanned the full range from the classics to new writing. Their distinctive crowd-pleasing style blends strong ensemble playing with stylistic invention and a marked sense of fun.


Around the World in Eighty Days adapted for Brute Farce by Rob Crouch with James Baldwin, Helen Barford and Fran Guy – at The Jack Studio theatre Christmas 2011




Rob Crouch as Ollie in Oliver Reed: Wild Thing National Tour 2012

Around the World and Ollie reed photos by Tony Nandi


Why call a theatre company Brute Farce?

At first we just liked the pun. Puns are smart but playful, we liked playing with words. Then it seemed that all power was farcical, the harder you try the stupider you look. We wanted powerful theatre, theatre that was loud and bright and vigorous. Theatre that was big and clever. Theatre that knew how stupid it was.

It doesn't have to be farce, and it doesn't have to be comedy: we've done plays that are tragic, that are chilling, we've even done plays that were serious. But whatever we do there is a style we try to maintain. We look for ensemble playing from actors with a glint in their eye and a trick up their sleeve, we tell stories that spin out of small situations, fly round the world and come back again, and
we use costumes and props that are never quite what they seem.

Most recently we have reworked our touring production of 'Around the World in Eighty Days' for The Jack Studio Christmas 2011 show and Brute Farce artistic director, Rob Crouch, has co-written and performed a play about the life of hellraiser Ollie Reed, 'Oliver Reed: Wild Thing' which will be touring through 2012. More details here:

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